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Timber improvement

We specialize in strengthening ecosystems through selective harvest and follow good forester management practices. Each job we selectively harvest has its own goals and objectives. Whether it be to increase canopy height and quality of timber for more profitable future harvests or developing it into a whitetail sanctuary we treat each property as if it was our own to ensure the best possible job with the least intrusion necessary.  We specialize in hardwood trees some of the species include but aren't limited too are; Ash, maple, oak, walnut, and Elm

Wildlife Management

Any property whether it be timber, grassland or wetland needs to be properly maintained to adequately hold and maintain healthy wildlife in any abundance.  We take great pride grooming timbers to give you that trophy of a lifetime or your Saturday morning coffee entertainment.  No matter what your passion for wildlife a properly managed property can significantly increase your odds of seeing wildlife flourish. 

Third Generation

The Holtz and Hale family logging companies came together to create the most respected timber management company in southern Minnesota. H&H Hardwoods is family owned and operated and we owe our successes to strong relationships with our customers and great contacts who repurpose our timber into useful products all over the Midwest. 

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